Hello Zombie Slayers.

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Hello Zombie Slayers.

Post by ZombieKing on Sun Apr 02, 2017 12:08 am

Hello Zombie Players,
I started this league to connect zombie players from a large amount of famous games in one central community. We welcome members from all over the world, and encourage them to participate in fun and competitive tournaments/events. We will have a general leaderboard for pro zombie players once we get the events going. We will host events for a wide range of different multiplayer zombie games, these tournaments will include cash winnings and other great prizes. We are also working on designing servers for PC based zombie games such as Left 4 Dead & Killing Floor 2.

We would like this league to grow as big as it can and go as far as it can go. If you love zombies as much as we do, then this is the place for you. Let any zombie players you know hear about this league and lets get this thing going. Once we hit 100 members we will host our first public event for everyone which will hopefully be live streamed for all other players to see. 

We're still in the building process of our league, making connections and adding as much new features as we can. However, building this great community is not free and we'd like to ask for your support with paying for the domain, servers, and prizes/events. By doing so you will receive a spot in our Donor group, and a special forum color and rank different from regular players. 

We hope the zombie community and the millions of zombie players enjoy this league. We are the heart of zombies and gaming.
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